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Whilst well-maintained plaster can enhance your home’s appearance and overall value, damaged plaster will achieve the exact opposite.

Here at WALLDOCTOR, we are committed to providing you with interior plaster repairs that will make that crack or hole in the wall look like it never happened. Our team of interior plasterers have an eye for detail and will complete the job to an exceptionally high standard and quickly…

“sometimes in only one visit”

You’ve got a wall or ceiling that needs repairing, send us a quick photo so we can see the damage and one of our specialists will be in touch asap.

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home owners who take pride in their property
property managers on behalf of their landlords and tenants
painting contractors use us prior to them painting
insurance repairs for the markets leading home insurers
real estate agents refer us to fix walls and ready a home for sale
furniture moving companies to repair the “oops” that can happen when moving large furniture